Monday, 20 March 2017

Start your start up at a co working space

Start your start up at a co working space --  Will tell you why?

Coworking gives you flexibility:-

 If you are a student having an urge to develop your startup idea or a freelancer who wants to work in a office ambience or a solopreneur who only wants to use a chair and table from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. , but there are also start-ups with up to eight workers who have full-time 24/7 access to a “campsite” set up for a group. Coworking space gives you this flexibility.

Construct your own network:-

Coworking spaces gives you immense opportunity to meet several clients and potential investors. Not only that, you can cowork with other start-ups there to bounce off ideas and get help solving problems. And unlike other office spaces, coworking offers events and workshops to encourage relationship building.

In harmony with clients:-

 Meeting with clients in a conference room is infinitely more professional than a coffee shop. Client also has the feeling of doing business with a more professional startups. Can develope a healthy client relationship.

Your chance to be a serial entrepreneur:-

 The frequent interaction and coworking with like minded people can give you the right brain exercise needed for you to startup. You can even get your next startup idea and a cofounder with similar interest from here.

Local community building:-

Tech startup communities are thriving in some areas because of coworking spaces. More community building leads to more entrepreneurship awareness among the crowd.

Right People, Right Attitude:-

 You can find people who are  optimistic about what they’re trying to do. Sometimes you just need to be around other people who want their own business to succeed and that’s kind of contagious.

In brief, Co working spaces gives one a complete freedom to think and work with a community of positive and creative co-workers and  its a great utility working with them.

"Believe in Collabration, Rather than Competition" --Cynthia

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